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The Eclectic Witches Loft

Wings of Lilith Gauged Earrings

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Embrace your dark femininity with the Wings of Lilith earrings! These captivating earrings feature black demon wings, a striking black chain, and a fiery red glass bead. Adorn yourself with these unique, tantalizing pieces to take your look to the next level. Unleash your inner power today!

- 6mm (2g)
- 8mm (0g)
- 10mm (00g)
- 12mm (1/2")
- 14mm (9/16")
- 16mm (5/8")
- 19mm (3/4")
- 22mm (7/8")
- 25mm (1")

- Black Alloy Metal Bat Wing Pendant
- Black Metal Chain
- Black Stainless Steel Plugs
- Red Glass Bead
- Black Bullet Charms