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Psychic Powers Ritual Oil

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Use our Psychic Powers Ritual Oil to open your third eye and explore your intuitive powers. Feel the presence of the divine, and become connected to your inner spiritual knowledge. Unlock your energy and unleash your psychic potential!

- Anoint a purple candle
- Anoint pressure points
- Anoint Third Eye
- Add to baths
- Dress poppets
- Add to deity offerings

- Almond Oil
- Essential Oils: Mugwort
- Lemongrass
- Jasmine
- Mugwort
- Cornflower
- Marshmallow Root

- 2oz glass dropper bottle

Be sure to do a test spot prior to using to ensure there's no allergic reaction. Products sold on this site are NOT to be internally digested ( Do NOT eat or drink them), including the herbs.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Avoid getting this product directly in eyes. In case of contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical help immediately. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

* I do not guarantee results, the items are sold as curios, use at your own discretion. I'm not a legal or medical practitioner, seek help by a qualified professional for medical and legal issues. This product is not meant to replace medical treatment or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of disease.*