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The Eclectic Witches Loft

Pentacle Dangle Gauged Earrings

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Experience true magick with these beautiful Pentacle Dangle Earrings! Adorn yourself with the enchanting combination of pentacle charms, sword charms, and small black beads. Lightweight and stylish, these earrings are the perfect finishing touch for your witchy look. Unlock the power of the magickal today!

- 6mm (2g)
- 8mm (0g)
- 10mm (00g)
- 12mm (1/2")
- 14mm (9/16")
- 16mm (5/8")
- 19mm (3/4")
- 22mm (7/8")
- 25mm (1")

- Silver Stainless Steel Plugs
- Metal Alloy Pentacle Charms
- Metal Alloy Sword Charms
- Black Glass Beads