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The Eclectic Witches Loft

Dangle Bats Gauged Earrings

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Dangle Bats Earrings are the perfect accessory for all bat lovers and goth babes looking to make a statement. These lightweight earrings feature sterling silver hoops adorned with pentacle charms, silver chain, and bat charms, topped off with a moon and lightning bolt charm. Accessorize with these unique earrings and show off your unique style!

- 6mm (2g)
- 8mm (0g)
- 10mm (00g)
- 12mm (1/2")
- 14mm (9/16")
- 16mm (5/8")
- 19mm (3/4")
- 22mm (7/8")
- 25mm (1")

- Silver Stainless Steel Plugs
- Metal Pentacle Charms
- Sterling Silver Hoop Components
- Metal Chain
- Zinc Alloy Bat Charms
- Zinc Alloy Moon & Lightning Bolt Charms