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The Eclectic Witches Loft

Cottage Core Witches Bells

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Discover an enchanting new world with our Witches Bells! Get your Cottage Core vibes with a combination of enchanting amethyst, magical lemurian quartz, protective obsidian, and vibrant moss. Accented with brass bells and keys, these bells are perfect for invoking your inner witch!

These beautiful handmade Witches Bells are so much more than just décor! They are very powerful protective wards. They are used to ward off negativity in your home. These Witches Bells are specifically made to be hung on a door knob. Some Witches Bells, in general, can be small enough to hold in your hands.

Bells have a lot of magickal properties to them. They are used for protection, alarm, joy, celebration, and purification. Keys also have magickal properties to them. They are used for protection and power. The Pentagram symbol signifies faith. It's 5 points represent the 5 elements: Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The circle surrounding it represents the universe which connects them all.

You can use your Witches Bells to announce the beginning of a ritual, hang on your door to announce visitors and ward of negative energy, hang them in your bedroom window to ward off nightmares or hang them in your rearview mirror of your car to ward off the evil eye and bad luck.

All Witches Bells are cleansed before shipping out to their new home!